On Saturday, November 5th, we had the privilege to recognize all of our alumni who served or is serving our nation. We were honored to have the families of two of our fallen veterans with us, former Marine Richard Wayne Venable ('68) who served in Vietnam and former Retired Air Force Sergeant, Vence Lamont Hill, Sr. ('89). We thank former Marine Staff Sergeant, David Hale ('76) who shared his talent in song for the event. Nine veterans from the Vietnam Era and two families of fallen Vietnam vets were given the National Vietnam War Commemorative Pin at the event. Thanks goes to Retired USAF Major, Beverly Fuqua Groogan ('85) from the Alvin C.York Veterans Administration who led the ceremony. The Alumni Board would like to also thank Gil Hanke and Scouts from Pack 2862 from Antioch United Methodist Church that spent their Saturday with us. The Scouts presented the colors and led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. Shalom Watkins, counselor from Antioch Middle School was also in attendance. Currently we have 186 names of Alumni/Faculty Veterans. To view the list of these brave men and women please

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